UPLIFT Yoga Foundation


UPLIFT Teen Yoga is an eight week journey of self-exploration through yoga, mindfulness, journaling and compassionate discussion. Our goal is to help teen girls connect with their inner wisdom, beauty and peace.


UPLIFT Teen Yoga is your chance to take a breath and press pause on the many demands in your busy teen life. We provide a safe and loving space for you to show up and let go of the day. Here you can rest in knowing that you are in the right place surrounded by kind, like-minded girls. This is your unique opportunity to grow and connect.

We meet once a week for eight weeks, and at the end of each two hour session you will feel an overall sense of calm and connection with your core self. Some practical results you can count on are less stress, more positivity, improved concentration, better relationships, and increased self-confidence. Our research-based curriculum blends together the most up-to-date brain science with the most empowering and nourishing practices for the soul. Our ultimate goal is to help you become your own best friend and bring your intentions to life.

We are so excited to announce our expansion across Orange County. Our Spring 2018 schedule includes Irvine, Corona del Mar and Dana Point. Each UPLIFT Teen Yoga group is comprised of 12 teen girls (ages 13-18) plus two certified UPLIFT Teen Yoga mentors to guide you on your journey. Our amazing mentors are 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teachers and have completed the Mindful Schools Educator Essentials training. Our non-profit program is donation-based and we always fill up fast. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Our summer retreat at Keys Creek Lavender Farm is full, but check back soon for Fall 2018 dates and deets!


Photography by Natalie Moser

Here is an inspiring testimonial from an UPLIFT Teen Yoga alumna, Annamarie:
"UPLIFT Teen Yoga has helped me in all areas of my life from school to sports to relationships. Just one week ago, I dislocated my knee and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I used my breathing to get through an extremely difficult and painful experience. This program has opened my eyes to all kinds of great tools to use in my daily life. I even started a yoga club at school this year!"

And here is a testimonial from her parents:
"UPLIFT Teen Yoga has been a huge benefit to our family. It is a fantastic program that really caught the attention of our 13 year old daughter. Since attending last summer, she has been inspired and uses many of the techniques that she learned, almost daily. Her abilities to focus, calm herself and relax, have been wonderful tools. Her appreciateion of yoga and its benefits even motivated her to start a yoga club at school!

Today, so many tweens and teens get caught up in extremely busy lifestyles. Between homework, sports, dance, electronics, lack of sleep and more electronics, there seems to be little time to shut down, relax and reflect. UPLIFT does just that and is a healthy way for kids to be able to escape and unwind."