UPLIFT Yoga Foundation


Hiya! Here are some things to consider when posting on Instagram. Please let us know if we should add any other points!



We are excited to grow this mindful online community of teens! Our Insta mission is to spread love, light and awareness to teen girls around the world.

Currently, our audience is mostly 25-44 year olds, so we are striving to reach more teens! YouTube will help with this as we post our weekly videos of yoga, meditation, Girl Talks, and journaling.

The vision for Instagram is have it be its own entity with original content. (In other words, we won’t be just reposting / sharing our YouTube content.) It will have a slightly more intimate / homemade vibe in which we utilize IGTV more, and feature our teens talking about real issues that they care about.

Here are some things to keep in mind when posting:

  • Consider summing up your post with a one sentence caption at the top...if it seems appropriate.

  • You decide the length! Doesn’t need to be long...doesn’t need to be short. Do what you’re feeling!

  • Tag location, photographer, artist, anyone in photo / video

  • Post at a time of day you think is good for other teens to view: after school, evening, etc. The Instagram algorithm shows the post to more people when there is high engagement soon after posting.

  • Talk real but always find & shine the “light”, the hope, the inspiration for who is reading the post.

  • Sign your post with your name & age (Molly, 15)

  • Relevant hashtags #mindfulnessforteens #yogaforteens #ocyoga #upliftteenyoga - please add hashtags that are relevant to your post!

  • Interact with the post by thoughtfully responding to comments :)

  • Ask a question towards the end of post to invite others to share. Be curious and keep in mind that we are fostering and growing this amazing community.

  • UPLIFT Teen Yoga (UPLIFT is in caps)

  • When you post, feel free to hop on Insta Story and talk to camera, post polls, engage on DM, etc. Have fun with it and do whatever ya want! And don’t feel like you have to hop on Insta Story and talk to camera every time…if you’re feeling like posting images, etc, that’s great too!

  • Emojis to break up text. Use 3 emojis - see the latest teen posts.